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You will find everything that is happening over the coming months on this calendar. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates.


School Calendar 2017/2018

1st Term

Monday                       28/08/17            1st Year students in from 9.00am – 1.00pm

Tuesday                      29/08/17            5th Year students in from 9.00am – 1.00pm

Wednesday                30/08/17             All classes resume

Friday                         29/09/17             School closed

Monday                      30/10/17             Public Holiday

Mid-Term Break                                   Tuesday, 31st Oct to Friday, 3rd November, 2017

Friday                         22/12/17             Last Day of Term.

2nd Term

Monday                       08/01/18             Classes resume

Mid-Term Break                                    Monday, 12th to Friday, 16th February, 2018

Monday                       19/03/18             Public Holiday

Friday                          23/03/18             Last Day of Term

3rd Term

Monday                       09/04/18              Classes resume

Monday                       07/05/18              Public Holiday

Friday                          01/06/18              Last Day of Academic Year

Wednesday                 06/06/18              State Examinations begin


Please note that the calendar may change in order to make up for any time lost due to unforeseen school closures, e.g. due to snow.  In these events the first three days of the February mid-term break and the Easter break may be used as school days.


Notice of Meetings for Academic Year 2016/2017.  


Information Meetings

1st Year                      Monday                     September 4th, 2017          8.00pm

Transition Year           Thursday                   September 7th, 2017          8.00pm

6th Year                      Monday                     September 11th, 2017        8.00pm

3rd Year                     Thursday                   September 14th, 2017        8.00pm

2nd Year                     Monday                     September 18th, 2017        8.00pm

5th Year                      Thursday                   September 21st, 2017        8.00pm

3rd Year & TY             Monday                     November 20th, 2017         7.30pm  (re Senior Cycle)

6th Year (CAO)           Monday                     January 15th, 2018             8.00pm

1st Year 2018-2019    Monday                     March 12th, 2018                7.00pm

Open Day/Night        Wednesday               27th September, 2017         7.00pm


Parent/Teacher Meetings

3rd Year                        Tuesday                    October 17th, 2017          4.15pm to 6.45pm

6th Year                        Thursday                   October 26th, 2017          4.15pm to 6.45pm

2nd Year                       Thursday                   November 9th, 2017        4.15pm to 6.45pm

1st Year                        Thursday                   January 11th, 2018          4.15pm to 6.45pm

5th Year, TY & LCA      Tuesday                    January 16th, 2018          4.15pm to 6.45pm


Parents’ Association AGM    To be confirmed.


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