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Prize Winners – Maths Week, 12th to 16th October, 2015

We have just had a great week of Maths activity in the school.  The school halls were bedecked with Maths-related media in the lead up to Maths week and students in First and Second Year were honing their mathematical skills in advance of the upcoming Maths quizzes.   The quizzes took place during the week and the various teams of students tried hard to outwit each other and their teachers.  At the end, when all the scripts were corrected and the scores collated, the winners were announced, with each one receiving a certificate and a Maths puzzle toy, as shown in the pictures.  Congratulations to all participants, especially the winners and special thanks to all teachers in the Maths Department for organising a very enjoyable event.

maths_small_group maths_large_group