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The Make A Difference Jelly Bean Lenten Challenge

On Ash Wednesday, get and set aside an empty Jam jar.

Each day you can earn a jellybean of any colour for each Act of Kindness,  each little kind deed that you do – but you can’t eat them until Easter. Each colour can represent a different thing; see below for an example!

Your Mission – Should you chose to accept it

is to fill your Jam Jar before Easter Sunday!!

On Easter morning, fill the jar to the top with white jellybeans

(If its not full already) to represent the Love of Jesus and share them with others.

Red: For the times I said ‘sorry’ for doing something wrong or hurting someone
Green: For the times I planted a flower, tidied the garden or recycled
Yellow: For the times I brought a smiling to someone’s face, or shared what I had with others
Orange: For the times I fed my pet, or took them for a walk or was kind to animals!
Black: For the times I included friends, family or people who felt left out.
White: For the times I said a prayer for those in need
Purple: For the times I said ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you!’
Pink: For the times I tidied my room, the dishes, my clothes
The M.A.D. Lenten Jellybean Challenge