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*** REMINDER ***

Reminder for all First Year students who participate in the Science Club; it is not on today. It will restart again after midterm 😊


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A group of our 5th Year students recently visited UCD, where they had a tour of the university. They also were given a very informative talk about what life in UCD is like, which gave them great food for thought for the future!📚🤩
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Well done to Ms L Doyle’s 1st Year business students Amy, Aimee, and Shauna, on their excellent projects!🤩

For this assignment, students had to choose any financial institution, and prepare a poster highlighting the #eservices that they provide.

Well done ladies! 👏

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*** REMINDER ***

There will be a free talk for parents on internet safety this evening, Tuesday, 7th Feb, at 7.30 pm.

Please see the poster below for more details, and parents/guardians can register via the link below.



Today’s Lively Lunchtime activities are:

✨️French Club – for all Junior students in room 13*!🇫🇷
✨️Basketball – 2nd Year boys, PE Hall! 🏀

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