Pastoral care

Each class has one of its subject teachers as a Class Tutor who has particular responsibility for the care, academic progress and discipline of each student. Each year group has a Year Head who has overall responsibility for monitoring academic progress and discipline. The Year Head works with the Class Teachers, Tutors, Staff, Chaplain, Guidance Counsellors, Principal and Deputy Principal as a pastoral team providing for the needs of each student.

Our school has a full time Chaplain whose role is one of care and support for students and parents. The Chaplain caters for the spiritual wellbeing of the school community, recognising and respecting all faiths.

Parents are partners in our school. They have an input into school policies and programmes through the Board of Management and the Parents’s
Association. Parents are informed through Open Night and Information Meetings at the beginning of each academic year. School reports are forwarded to parents. Parent/Teacher meetings are held annually. Parents are encouraged to contact the school to discuss any aspect of their son’s/daughter’s progress.

Each year, two senior students are appointed to each first year class. These mentors help to ensure that new students settle quickly and happily into our school. New students have someone they can turn to with any questions or worries they may face when starting a new school environment.

Our Guidance Counsellors provide educational and personal counselling and vocational career guidance. In senior cycle all students have a weekly Career Guidance class. Each student sits an aptitude test and has an interview with a counsellor to discuss further education and career plans. Parents are invited to participate in this interview. A Career’s night and mock interviews are held each year.

The Student’s Council consists of representatives from each 5th year, LCA and Transition Year class. The students are trained in leadership
skills. They learn to organise and plan various social and fund-raising activities. These include fancy dress days, discos, Concern fund raising and sports competitions. Funds raised from these events provide valuable additional resources for the school. The Students’ Council help organise Parent/Teacher meetings, Open Days and Nights.

The Students’ Executive involves elected students from 6th Year, who act as a representative body for all students. These students are encouraged to make recommendations and improvements in connection with school policy. The Students Executive also plays an important role in the care and welfare of new students.