Each year, two senior students are appointed to each first year class. These mentors help to ensure that new students settle quickly and happily into our school. New students have someone they can turn to with any questions or worries they may face when starting in a new school environment.

First Year Mentors 2019-2020




Alex Brady

Halle Carr

Rachel Cummins

Mercy Oyeniyi





Jake Clarke

Lucy Condon

Holly Fortune

Aksa Rajesh



Da Vinci


Abby Gorman

Nithiesh Loganathan

Sarah Morris

Cian Ready



Le Brocquy


Orla Deniyi Williams

Ciara Maher

Camilla Martinez

Sean Norton





Lauren Cummins

Melissa Keane

Oisin Mahony

Lucy Tansey





Ellie Boggans

Rian Caverly

Laney Hyland

Joshua Mellon





Dominika Cendrowska

Jake Daly

Shauna Harrington

Joanna Saheed