President’s Award

The President’s Award is Ireland’s National Challenge.
The participant selects the challenges. It is not a competition.
There are 3 types of awards – bronze, silver and gold.

To earn a bronze award, a participant must complete challenges in 4 areas:
Skill 1 hour per week for 26 weeks
Community 1 hour per week for 15 weeks
Physical 1 hour per week for 12 weeks
Adventure Two day expedition
Five students (all girls) have earned the bronze award:
Niamh Ebbs
Niamh Martin
Nicole Muldoon
Teide O’Brien
Tara Tierney
These are the first students in the school to earn the award. There are other students hoping to complete their challenges by the end of the year.

These students chose the following challenges:
Skill Dancing (Salsa or Hip-hop)
Community Paired Reading Scheme
Physical Swimming or Gym or Gaelic Football
Venture 2 day hill-walking expedition (28 km) around Glendalough

The President’s Award Leader (PAL) is Brenda Kelly.