Booklists 2022-23

We urge parents to purchase books and stationery from the school bookshop by using the online booking form in the Information Pack.  Order before June 17th and then pay when you collect the books in the school in August. The Booklists for each year can be viewed here but must be ordered through the Microsoft Form in the Information Pack. 

Booklist (Textbooks) 1st Yr 2022-23 PDF 

1st Year 2022-23 Stationery List

2nd Yr Booklist 2022-23PDF 

3rd Year 2022 2023 revisedPDF

 Booklist TY 2022-23 PDF 

  Booklist 5th Yr 2022-23 PDF 

 Booklist LCA1 2022-23 PDF

 Booklist LCA2 2022-23 PDF       

  Booklist 6th Yr 2022-23 PDF