Career Guidance

Our Guidance Counsellors provide educational and
personal counselling and vocational career guidance. In senior cycle all
students have a weekly Career Guidance class. Each student sits an aptitude
test and has an interview with a counsellor to discuss further education and
career plans. Parents are invited to participate in this interview. A Career’s
night and mock interviews are held each year.

Careers Night 2012 -2013
The HFCS Annual Careers Night took place on 10th October 2012 and was a great success. Senior Cycle students were able to meet representatives from over 60 career categories and to discuss all aspects of the different careers and options available to them. This event allowed students to develop a deeper insight into a wide variety of careers, to meet individuals who work in these areas and to learn more about the choices available. Mock interviews in various careers were held for Senior Cycle students in early November.
HFCS wishes to thank all those who participated in both the Careers Night and the Mock Interviews. Special thanks are due to all the careers representatives and also the individuals conducting the mock interviews. Their continuing support is very much appreciated. Also, the school’s Career Guidance teachers, Ms.C. Prendergast, Ms. K. O’Connell are thanked for their great work in organising these very successful events. Below are a number of photographs from the Careers Night.