Congratulations to the Class of 2020


Congratulations to the class of 2020.  This is a day of celebration for you, your parent(s), your teachers and all those who helped you along the way.  You have reached a significant milestone in your life, but it is just one step on your life journey.  Results are important but what is more important is that you move onwards and upwards in your life.  You have received an excellent education in Holy Family Community School and are emerging into your adult life as a well-rounded individual, capable of surfing the highs and lows of the waves of life you will encounter on your future journey.  Remember, there are many ways to move forward in education and in your adult life, and Holy Family Community School is here to support and advise you along the way.  Have a wonderful evening and celebrate with your family this great occasion and the completion of your post-primary education.  This year was a difficult year and we are very proud of your achievements, your resilience and how well you coped with the  challenges presented to you.  You have made it through second-level education and the world is your oyster from here on – make the most of it.