Holy Family Community School On Tour – Camchuairt na hEorpa

toursA foreign tour for Fifth Year pupils has now become an established part of the life of the school. It takes place during the Halloween mid-term break and is a wonderful opportunity for pupils and teachers to travel and to experience the cultural, artistic and historical traditions of another country. Guided tours, boat trips, visits to museums and exhibitions are organised so as to include as many different activities as possible into the busy schedule. Teacher supervision and pupil co-operation have always contributed to the success and the enjoyment of the trip and we look forward to many more tours in the future.


1984 Paris (Ms. Valerie Giles)
1985 Paris (Ms. Madeleine Fadden)
1986 Valkenburg (Mr. Denis Corry)
1987 Paris (Mr. Shaun Purcell)
1988 Interlaaken and Paris (Mr. Denis Corry)
1989 Wales (Second year trip) (Mr. Eamonn Walsh)
1990 Stratford-on-Avon (Mr. Christy Morrin / Ms. Paula Dunne)
1991 Moscow & St. Petersburg (Mr. Christy Morrin)
1992 Paris & London (Ms. Ann Hackett / Mr. Christy Morrin)
1993 Florence/Pisa/Venice (Mr. Denis Corry)
1994 Venice & Florence (Mr. Eamonn Walsh)
1995 Valkenburg & Amsterdam (Mr. Gerry Kiernan)
1996 Barcelona (Ms. Madeleine Fadden)
1997 Paris (Ms. Ann Hackett / Mr. Christy Morrin)
1998 Venice & Florence (Ms. Brenda Kelly)
1999 Barcelona (Mr. Eamonn Walsh)
2000 Florence & Venice (Mr. Des Purcell)
2001 Barcelona (Mr. Des O’Connor)
2002 Lake Garda (Ms. Marie Pierce)
2003 Paris (Ms. Brenda Kelly)
2004 Venice & Lake Garda (Mr. Eamonn Walsh)
2005 Rome (Mr. Pat McEvoy)
2006 Barcelona (Mr. Des O’Connor)

These trips could not have taken place without the generosity of the many teachers, not named in this list, who gave of their time and energy to accompany the tour leaders. They contributed to the success of the tours and ensured that the students enjoyed and benefited from them.

Valerie Giles,
Tour Organiser

See some pics from some of the tours below … just click on any image to launch the gallery.