HFCS single-use plastic bottle policy


As of September 2019, Holy Family Community School is a single-use plastic bottle free environment. This means that students must bring a re-usable bottle to school if they wish to carry a drink with them.  It is important that students remember that re-using a bottle produced for single use is not acceptable.

As a School with approximately 1000 students, it is important that we do our part for the environment. This policy is not only designed to reduce the amount of litter in our school. We understand that many students are conscious of litter and will recycle their plastics. The primary reason for this policy is to reduce the amount of plastic bottles purchased in the local area. If every person in the school purchased one single-use bottle a day for a week that would amount to 5000 bottles! If we encourage our students to use reusable bottles, just imagine how many single-use bottles we can stop from contaminating our local area. This in turn can hopefully encourage multi-national drinks companies to reduce the amount of plastic they produce.