HFCS Wellbeing Podcast episode 2: Connected

The HFCS Wellbeing Podcast: Episode 2: Connected is now available. This week the podcast aims to raise awareness of the importance of connection, but it is also the platform where we hope to engage EVERYONE in our community to participate in this year’s SUNRISE APPEAL, which has replaced the traditional Darkness Into Light walk. 



  • The event takes places this Saturday morning at 5:30am. 
  • You are encouraged to set your alarm and get up to watch the sunrise from the safety of your home or garden. 
  • You are encouraged to wear yellow.
  • You are encouraged to to Zoom or FaceTime call your friends so you can experience the sunrise together.
  • You are encouraged to post your pictures to your social media accounts using the hashtags #HFCSSunriseAppeal2020 & #DILSunriseAppeal 


The HFCS Wellbeing Podcast

Episode 2: Connected. 



1.     P. Meredith: Being Connected. What does it mean, and why is it important?

2.     C. Ryan Clarke – “Puppies for Sale”.

  1. Michael Ryan talks about the power of connection in his life.

4.     T. O.Brien: Connecting with Kiki.

5.     Letters from the Frontline:  This week’s contributor is former HFCS student Precious Osoko, nursing intern, who discusses her current experience of nursing on the frontline. Her words are read by S. Doyle.

6.     Sunrise Appeal:

    1. C. Perris introduces our school’s connection with Pieta House.
    2. 6th Year, Alex Brady shares the context of suicide and self-harm in Ireland. 
    3. 5th Year Joel Osaghae talks about the power of the words we use. 
    4. TY student Divine Osaghae discusses how the current crisis is affecting the work of Pieta House.
    5. TY students Cian O’Connor, Niamh Ready read the poem “Darkness into Light Ringsend” by Jennifer Betts. 
    6. 6th Year Jake Daly, introduces how our school community will participate in this year’s sunrise appeal. 
    7. 6th Year’s Holly Fortune and Halle Carr share their experience of participating on previous Darkness into Light events with our community.
    8. Jake Daly shares a reflection called Hope.
    9. L. O’Brien shares her journey of growth in knowledge and awareness of suicide.

7.     N. McConnell shares a beautiful friendship blessing by John O’Donohue.



Original Music:

  • The Meeting by Pádraig Meredith.
  • Like a River by Pádraig Meredith.
  • Lillie by Pádraig Meredith.

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