Junior Certificate Business Studies Students Awarded Top Honours by Maynooth University

Seven students from Holy Family Community School received top awards from the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting in Maynooth University in recognition of their excellent results in the 2017 Junior Certificate Business Studies Examination.  Luca Crone, Caoimhe Healy, Jeswin Jacob, Matthew Long, Julia Nowak, Alex Brady and Miriam Osinubosi all received an ‘A’ grade in the 2017 Higher Level Business Studies Examination.  Congratulations to all the students and their excellent teachers, Ms. Lynda Doyle, Ms. Mary Brophy and Ms. Maureen Griffin.  The photograph below shows Ms. Miriam Osinubosi (student), Ms. Lynda Doyle (teacher) and the Dean of The School of Business (Maynooth University).

The  Awards ceremony was held in the historic setting of the Aula Maxima on 30th January 2018.  Prof Philip Nolan on behalf of Maynooth University recognised the contribution to teaching and promotion of excellence in Junior Certificate Business Studies of 97 individual schools, while also acknowledging the extraordinary achievement of over 550 of their students who achieved excellence in their 2017 higher-level exam.  The event is run in association with the Business Studies Teachers Association of Ireland and in conjunction with the Department of Law and the School of Business.