Delays to New School Building Project – Parents Support Requested

Dear Parents, the school is seeking your support in reducing delays to the new school building project. A copy of the text of the letter is given below. A copy of the signed letter can be accessed at the link below. The school is grateful for your ongoing support.

Letter seeking support for new school building project

Re New School Building

Dear Parent/Guardian

As we approach the general election, Holy Family Community School is asking for your support regarding our new school building project. 

The current school accommodation is insufficient to cater for the growing school population.  Planning permission for our new school building was granted in March, 2016, almost four years ago.  There have been significant delays since.  Currently, the Stage 2B documentation, required to go to tender, awaits approval by The Planning and Building Unit of the Department of Education and Skills.  This documentation was submitted on 15th November, 2019.

I wish to thank you for your continued support of our school and I would be grateful if you could raise this important issue as a matter of urgency with election candidates.

Yours sincerely,


Brenda Kelly