Transition Year

Transition Year is an optional one-year school-based programme between Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. It is designed to act as a bridge between the two, by facilitating the smooth transition from the more dependant learning of the Junior Cycle, to the more independent self-directed learning required for Senior Cycle.  There are a number of different layers within our TY programme.  
  • All students study the core subjects of Mathematics, English, Irish, Modern Language (French/German), Religion, PE, SPHE, Guidance. 
  • In our Leaving Cert subject sampling layer, students have the opportunity to sample the Leaving Certificate options subjects available in our school; Technology, Design & Communication Graphics, Art, World of Business, Music, History, Politics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Home Economics. 
  • Students then take a number of modules within the TY programme. These modules include, but are not limited to; Science Communications, Law Education (online), Restorative Practice, SPHE, Guidance, Development Education, First Aid, Drama, Coding, GAA Future Leaders, LIFT Programme, Microsoft Office Specialist. 
  • There are a large number of workshops organised throughout the year for TY students to participate in, including a barista course, a forensics course, a ‘School of Life’ course, 
  A work experience programme is an integral part of Transition year. There are two blocks of work experience – one in November, and one in February. Students are responsible for securing their own work placement, and it is recommended that they engage in a variety of different work experiences, and book placement early as there can be a high demand.  The TY fee is €300-€350. There are additional costs for international trips, and other occasional ad-hoc trips. HFCS commits to being flexible and transparent regarding costs. We strive to achieve a balance between a richly rewarding programme, and value for money.