Proclamation Day at HFCS, Tuesday 15th March, 2016

Holy Family Community School marked ‘Proclamation Day 2016’ in great style.  Prior to this date, History teachers, Mr. O’Connor and Mr. O’Sullivan travelled with students to a special flag presentation ceremony in Croke Park on Monday, 7th March.  The students were presented with a national flag, a copy of the proclamation and other items for the school.  The school also received a beautiful indoor flag pole later that week.  In the lead up to proclamation day Mr. Meredith (Music teacher) and other teachers planned the production of a special drama that Mr. Meredith had written in honour of the occasion featuring students reading out certain parts of the proclamation, playing music and other items.  This powerful drama ran for most of the school day and was seen by First, Second and Fifth Year students along with Transition Year students.  Various staff turned up in period dress for the day, taking on the role of famous people prominent in the 1916 rising, including Padraig Pearse, Countess Markeivicz, James Connolly, etc.  One of the most moving events of the day was the raising of the national flag at 12.00 noon and the singing of the national anthem by Sixth Year student, Precious Ozoko, accompanied by Ms. Moynihan on concertina and others.  To view the flag raising and hear the national anthem, please click this link – Proclamation Day Video