School Self-Evaluation: Student Committee

HFCS are looking for students who are interested in joining the SSE Student Committee. Please see below for further information on what this entails, and how you can get involved!

What is it? 

School self-evaluation is a way for schools to look at how they do things, to build on their strengths and to work on ways of improving.​

Who is involved?

Staff, Students, Parents and all Stakeholders.​

How can you get involved?

  • Fill out surveys.​
  • Talk about your learning.​
  • Allow teachers to use samples of your work as examples of excellence.​
  • Join the SSE student committee.

What is involved in membership of the SSE Student Committee

  • The committee will have several meetings throughout the year.​
  • The committee will discuss and analyse what is working well in the school, what could work better and how we can improve it.​
  • The committee will create surveys and complete surveys.​
  • You will be representing your year group and the entire student body in ‘Teaching & Learning’ discussions.​
  • Please note: THIS IS NOT THE STUDENT COUNCIL. It is separate. ​
  • If you have any questions, please email/speak to Ms. T O’Brien.​
  • Please email Ms. T O’Brien if you are interested in applying to join this committee. Ideally, we would like applications from all year groups. ​
  • Closing date: 26th January 4pm.