Supervised Study

The new session of Supervised Study starts Monday 14th February, and runs to Thursday 24th March, inclusive. There will be no study on the following dates: 21-25th February (midterm break), and 14th, 17th, 18th March.

The following rules apply:
1. Students should bring a second lunch to be eaten in the Assembly Hall between 3.40 and 3.50 p.m.  Please note that study begins at 3.55pm sharp. If students are late they are disrupting the learning environment for others and this is not acceptable.  A register of lateness will be kept and parents will be informed.

2. Each student will be assigned a place in the study roomStudents must sit in their assigned seat for the duration of the 4 weeks.

3. Covid regulations will remain in place so I would urge you to remind your son/daughter about the importance of wearing masks, adhering to social distancing where possible and following the one-way system around the school.

4. No communication between students will be permitted. This includes borrowing of books and equipment.

5. Mobile phones is forbidden during study time, unless used for accessing OneNote.

6. Students who are absent or leaving early must have a note. Students who are involved in extra-curricular activities must inform the Study Coordinator prior to the commencement of study otherwise they will be marked absent.

7. Students are not permitted to leave study to work on projects unless prior permission has been given by the subject teacher who will also be supervising these students.  Under no circumstances are students to work on supervised on projects in the library or any practical room.

8. A Register of attendance will be kept.  Parents will be notified via email if a student is absent for more than 3 consecutive days in the same week.

9. Students who do not comply fully with the Code of Discipline and the above regulations will be asked to leave supervised study. There will be no refund of fees. The supervising teacher’s decision is final. There will be no appeal.