Holy Family Community School Launch Strategic Plan, 2017-2021

Holy Family Community School launched its Strategic Plan – 2017 to 2021 on Tuesday, 21st November, 2017.  Mr. Dermot Lahey, Chairperson, Board of Management said: “The Board of Management is pleased to present this Strategic Plan for Holy Family Community School.  The launch of this Strategic Plan marks another important stage in the continuous development of Holy Family Community School.   The Plan provides a blueprint for the future of the school which builds on its traditions and values.  I look forward to seeing this plan translated into actions which will further enhance the opportunities and educational provision for students in Holy Family Community School.  On behalf of the Board of Management, I thank all who collaborated in the preparation of this Strategic Plan which will benefit the whole school community over the coming years.” Brenda Kelly, Principal gave a presentation on the Strategic Plan and said: “Holy Family Community School has undergone many changes since it opened in 1981.  We welcome this Strategic Plan which was developed in collaboration with all our partners in education.  It expresses our cohesive vision, charts a direction for the school and sets aspirational and achievable goals for future growth and improvement.  Holy Family Community School will use this plan to confidently face the exciting challenges and opportunities ahead, including providing for increasing student, staff and management populations, building a new school and embracing educational initiatives including the new Junior Cycle Programme and eLearning.  Our strategic plan continues our tradition of having the holistic development, academic success and happiness of our students at its heart. Many people have contributed to the development of this plan.  It would be impossible to thank everyone individually.  However, it is appropriate to thank a number of individuals and groups.
  • Steering Group
  • Teachers and Special Needs Assistants
  • Students’ Council and Mentors
  • Student Representatives from all year groups
  • Assistant Principals and Year Heads
  • Caretaking and Cleaning Staff
  • Secretarial Staff
  • Parents’ Council
  • Board of Management
  • Senior Management Team members from Feeder Primary Schools
  • Online survey participants
  • Planning Specialists – www.pinta.ie
The Strategic Plan can be downloaded from here: Holy Family Community School Strategic Plan, 2017 – 2021